Erik Garcia Conchal Beach or it’s representatives or agents will not offer any refund or discount for missed or unused services when Erik Garcia Conchal Beach is not at fault..

Client is aware that some tours are considered adventurous and can pose a certain risk to the clients health/or safety. All such risks are hereby assumed by the client and releases Erik Garcia Conchal Beach from all claims and causes of action that may arise after damages or personal injuries or even death as a result of participating in those adventurous activities described Erik Garcia Conchal Beach product itinerary.

The client agrees by booking a tour or to travel with Erik Garcia Conchal Beach that in this country (Costa Rica) the nature of of these travels demands considerable flexibility and understands that reasonable alterations to the product or itinerary of Erik Garcia Conchal Beach can occur. Schedules, route, accommodations, means of transport may be subject to change with no prior notice caused by a variety of uncontrolled circumstances that can include sickness, mechanical failure, uncontrolled weather, political issues, human errors or other acts of God where Erik Garcia Conchal Beach has no reasonable control over.

The client must respect at all times the safety instructions of the tour leader/guide and his or her decisions are final regarding all safety and well being of client during the tour. By booking with Erik Garcia Conchal Beach client agrees to abide the designated representative or agent/guide. If the client has a certain medical condition he is to advise Erik Garcia Conchal Beach before participating. Client will do so knowing that it may affect enjoyment of the tour or participation in certain aspects of the tour and assumes all responsibility.

Clients acknowledge responsibility for fees incurred by Erik Garcia Conchal Beach or it’s suppliers or partners due to damage, theft destruction or misuse of equipment. Client must advise of any pre-existing damage of any kind to a staff member.

The client agrees to be prudent at all times and care for his own safety during all the tour booked with Erik Garcia Conchal Beach, and must make us of the proper safety equipment provided such as helmet, harness, seat belt, and observe all signs relative to safety.

Erik Garcia Conchal Beach shall not be responsible for any failure to comply by client with any of the above paragraphs.