Long ago perhaps at the time for the Spanish settlement two rival tribes inhabited the lover slopes of the volcano. The chief of the CURUBANDE tripe had a daughter named Curubanda “( go figure )”who leant the craft of healing the sick and the hurt using secrets medicines derived from the volcanic muds, thermal waters and native plants. Unfortunately, she fell in love with Mixcoak , the son of the chief of the rival tribe. Her father found about it and became furious about the affair ; so he had Mixcoak captured and killed. This creative assassination was done by hurling him into the volcano crater but To make matters worse, Curubanda was already pregnant of Mixcoak. After learning what her father had done and driven crazy by her loss she fled to live near the tip top of the crater . Nine months later and probably intoxicated by the volcanoes gases she conceived. when the child was born she felt the need to throw her child into the crater so that the spirit of the child would meet his father.Realizing that she was now alone, she ran off again but this time into the forest. Debunking any speculations she did not disappear completely because some time later sick people will travel from unthinkable places to meet with Curubanda the Old lady ( la vieja ). When travelers were asked about where was their journey heading to they would explain that they were  bound for the “rincon” where the old lady lived . In old rural Costa Rica this word “rincon” was used to refer to any remote portion of a large ranch or a portion in the forest. Now days, some say that the spirt of old Curubanda still inhabits the Volcano . Her spirit still inhabits the land and so if you listed carefully you may hear the call among the forest .